Sony Vaio VPCSB1V9E Review

Sony Vaio VPCSB1V9E
1,495 £ at
  • Intel Core i5 2410M (2.3 GHz)

  • AMD Radeon HD 6470M

  • 4 GB RAM Size

  • 500 GB HDD Capacity


Our summary of all reviews

  • Performance


    At this level, the performance is very low. This limits the user to usual activities e.g surfing the web, writing emails. Using applications like Word or Excel is possible, though at a very low speed. Gaming and other high performance tasks are impossible. People looking for a secondary laptop or using non-complex applications only will be satisfied.

    • 3DMark Vantage

      4851 #

    • PCMark 05

      7383 #

    • PCMark Vantage

      7357 #

    • Cinebench xCPU 64Bit

      9015.5 #

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  • Design


    The reviewers’ opinions tended predominantly towards moderate satisfaction concerning the laptop design. The notebook’s appearance was decently received and should prove to be at the taste of many users.

  • Build Quality


    The build quality is above average providing for the necessary protection of the computer’s internal parts. The build quality should be acceptable for users moving the laptop around on a frequent basis, even after a couple of years. The external parts might however wear out after medium-term usage , resulting in cracks or squeaking sounds.

    • Base Unit Flex



      The laptop frame can only sustain very limited challenges. The laptop parts are not perfectly fitted, the gaps in between will increase the likelihood of damage. People not subjecting the laptop to any movement will still find it hard to be satisfied.

    • Hinge Stability



      The hinge, connecting the screen to the laptop body, is not up to the standards of flexibility and tightness. Some difficulty will be experienced when trying to open the laptop with one hand. There might as well be some annoying wiggling experienced when walking around.

    • Display Panel



      When opening or closing the screen lid, some minor color distortions will occur on the display. This also happens when applying pressure on the back of the display panel. There might be some gaps between the different parts of the frame.

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  • Display


    Generally the reviewers deemed this laptop to be above average. Users could expect this display to provide for average satisfaction with office work as well as multimedia use. Gamers and professional designers might however not find this display to their taste. To get a more comprehensive review of this display, users should check the ratings of the different attributes of this screen.

    • Display Resolution

      1366 x 768

      This resolution is also called HD-ready. Viewing more than one website on the monitor is almost impossible, as one window takes up almost the whole space. Graphic designers might not be completely satisfied with this resolution, as this latter might be too small. High resolution picture and video editing is plainly impossible. This resolution is a good option for gamers as many graphic cards will be powerful enough to support the native resolution of this display. Watching most movies will be possible without any black bars at the top and bottom of the display.

    • Color Reproduction



      The color spectrum covered by the display is acceptable. Both color saturation and natural appearance of the pictures are good enough for viewing HD movies and gaming. Professional designers however will find that only a higher level of color reproduction will satisfy their needs.

    • Contrast



      The contrast between the darkest color -black- and the brightest color -white- is below average in this computer. This results in having the darkest areas being washed out resembling a dark shade of gray, while the brightest areas appear to be of a light grayish color. Movies can be enjoyed provided that the room is completely darkened. Most office workers will find the readability to be sufficient, while some might be annoyed by the close shades of gray characterizing both the dark text and the bright background. The needs of professional designers will surely not be met with this notebook.

    • Contrast Value

      155.75 :1

    • Brightness



      The maximum brightness of this computer is adequate for viewing the screen comfortably, even under bright ambient light. However, the users must be cautious to only push the brightness to its maximum in bright conditions, eg. outdoors. Setting the brightness to a high level will drastically decrease the battery life. In addition, using the notebook at maximum brightness in a dark room will be tiring for the eyes.

    • Average Brightness

      240.93 cd/m²

    • Reflections



      Viewing the display without major difficulties is achievable in almost all indoor lighting conditions. Office workers should be satisfied with this laptop. Reflections on the display will however cause discomfort when outdoors, unless the laptop is positioned in shaded spaces.

    • Viewing Angle



      When you position yourself directly in front of the screen, everything is clearly visible. However, moving your head a little to the side will cause the colors to distort. It is almost impossible for two people to watch a movie unless they seek absolute intimacy. This laptop is recommended for people who demand privacy in public spaces.

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  • Sound


    The internal speakers of this laptop provided for a below average sound quality. Low sounds are still recognizable. Music can still listened to although the users should account for the necessity of external speakers when planning to watch a movie with a group. Musicians should not even stop to consider this laptop for their work, and gamers will be disappointed as the sound will be convincing. Even maximum volume will not make the sound experience enjoyable.

    • Maximum Volume



      The peak volume of this laptop is acceptably loud. If relying only on the maximum sound output of the internal speakers of this laptop, watching movies with a group of friends should be manageable. It will be as well quite challenging to clearly distinguish sounds at peak volume if you are at the other end of the room.

    • Lows



      This laptop has Zero bass. The sound has no dynamics and it will close to impossible to differentiate different sound levels. This laptop should be then ideal for users with hearing impairment, or those not needing sound to be integrated in their laptop usage.

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  • Keyboard


    This keyboard will be valued by most users as convenient for frequent use. Be it for writing long emails, or surfing the net, most users will be satisfied with the comfort and the speed this keyboard provides for. If your professional life requires long typing hours, along with the highest levels of comfort, then you might want to consider a keyboard with higher rates.

    • Layout



      The layout of this keyboard might not feel comfortable for everyone. Inconveniences such as unintuitive positioning of different keys and different key sizes compared to the standard layout will be encountered. This most likely will lead to typing errors until the user readjusts to the keyboard.

    • Keyboard Size



      Although the size of this keyboard is still decent, typos might be a bit more frequent as the keys might not be large enough, depending on the size of your hands. The palm resting area could be too small for some users, although it is generally suitable and comfortable. All in all, the keyboard is proportionate enough and should still fulfill the needs of most users, especially after some getting used to.

    • Key Responsiveness



      The responsiveness of this keyboard allows for most users to be satisfied with individual key feedback. The keys do require some pressure for efficient typing, without being either too soft or too stiff for manipulation. Most users will find this keyboard supportive for long typing hours as the keys can be pressed down without any difficulty and they respond back quite fast. Although this keyboard might not be responsive enough for some, the general feel of the keyboard should be within the ranges of satisfaction for most of us.

    • Keyboard Flex



      This keyboard may be for some users manageable, although for most it will be rated below average. The plastic below the keyboard sometimes flexes and the uncontrollable movement of the individual keys will throw you off your typing flow. Smooth typing is far from being an attainable reality, and will make users take some deep breaths to lower their levels of frustration and anger.

    • Keys Clicking Sound



      Using this keyboard will not cause any disturbance noise wise. Clicking an individual key provides for an unobtrusive feedback fitting the quietest surroundings. In short: A nice recurring easy-to-get-used-to sound.

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  • Touchpad


    Most reviewers agreed that this touchpad should be to the liking of many users. The levels of accuracy, the size and the smoothness vs. resistance rates make this trackpad fairly above average. It is well suited for office work, browsing online and most other usage, although demanding users, designers and alike, might require a higher level of accuracy and would thus prefer an external mouse. The trackpad button quality was generally described as good and fitting the needs of most users.

    • Touchpad Surface



      The feeling of this touchpad will vary depending on the users and their preferences. For most reviewers, this touchpad was unsuitable for extensive use. Because of problems such as excessive roughness or a slippery surface, the users might not be satisfied quite yet with this touchpad.

    • Sensitivity



      Your expectations of an accurate touchpad should be generally satisfied. The levels of precision and speed provided by this touchpad are quite decent, and for most users, this touchpad will be just enough for daily use. Although the accuracy can be fine tuned in the Windows or Mac settings, the basic accuracy hardware wise is enough.

    • Touchpad Size



      The size of this touchpad allows for navigating large displays with no problem. The users will not need to worry at all about inconveniences such as with excessive scrolling or getting an extra mouse, as this touchpad answers all these needs quite convincingly. You will most probably not need to turn the sensitivity settings up, as you will not need to make your mouse move any faster. Keeping your sensitivity settings low will ensure that you will enjoy higher touchpad accuracy.

    • Buttons



      The reviewers considered the quality of this trackpad button to be less than average. Although this button quality might be sufficient for some, it will be less than desired for most. Problems with the unclear feedback, excessive softness or stiffness of the button will be obstacles for efficient use. The clicking sound produced by this button might as well be a little too obtrusive for pleasant use.

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  • Webcam Quality


    The picture can be a little bit noisy when the light conditions are not good but for video chatting it will be okay.

  • Battery Surfing

    8:41 h

    The battery life is outstanding. You will be able to use your laptop for the better part of a whole work day. This of course requires you to turn down the brightness of your screen, as the display uses a lot of energy. You should also only plan to do office work and light browsing. If you are going to play games, stream videos, or surf websites with a lot of flash advertisement, the expected battery life will be considerably shorter. The energy saving mode should be enabled at all times, if not this will of course cause the battery life to drop even shorter.

    • Battery DVD/Video

      6:34 h

      The battery is among the best available. You can carry out energy demanding applications such as streaming online videos, preparing for long presentations, or even watching several movies in a row comfortably for extended hours (5 hours and more). Playing games requires much more energy and thus the battery will last for a shorter period of time.

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  • Weight

    1.75 kg

    This laptop ranks amongst the lightest in the market. This weight makes the computer ideal for travelling or to use while commuting. Carrying this laptop feels just like carrying a bottle of water while hiking. It is easy to pack with your books when heading to the library, or to put back in your handbag after checking your morning emails at your favourite cafe. You might even forget you are carrying this laptop, even with the extra weight of the charger.

  • Noise


    This laptop was rated by reviewers as rather noisy. In quiet environments such as libraries, lecture halls and the like, the laptop will make itself noticed. The noise of this laptop will challenge noise sensitive users, particularly in quiet environments.

    • Noise Idle



      You could hear some silent noise from the fans when the laptop is idle.

    • Noise Normal Use



      Noise emitted from this laptop will not cause any major inconveniences when doing office work or browsing the Internet. Although it might be be noticeable in a quite room, it should not be obstructing your concentration.

    • Noise Full Load



      Running high performance applications such watching movies, editing videos or gaming will make your laptop roar. Not very pleasant when in a quiet environment, or when trying to be discrete.

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  • Temperature


    The laptop may occasionally get too warm. Most reviewers found, at normal room temperature, you can comfortably use the laptop without burning your fingers or legs. The notebook may only become too warm when you stress it, watching a movie or alike.

    • Heat Top: Full Use



      The laptop keeps quite cool at normal use. That’s very convenient.

    • Heat Top: Normal Use



      The laptop only gets a little warm on top.

    • Heat Bottom: Normal Use



      The bottom of the laptop can get a bit warmer. If you don’t want to use it on your lap, it will be okay.

    • Heat Bottom: Full Load



      There are spots, where the laptop gets extremely hot.

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